I promise you, it’s coming! Eternal Tu’at, Sekhmet’s Guardians – Book 4 – Bagsu’s Story

I just can’t help sharing this with you. I think every writer has an idea in their head when they write a book what the cover should look like. Quite often, more than not, when we receive our covers back from the publisher or artist, something is lacking… at least what we had pictured in that creative mind of ours.

People see things differently, so it only makes common sense, no two people will think alike and no matter how hard you explain what you want to a cover artist, chances are they will come back with some close, but not that close.

I’m happy to admit, I’ve found an author’s dream in Fiona Jayde. Twice now, she has created the image I dreamed about from just a few casual comments I made to her through emails. As most of you know, I bragged about her work when she created the cover for Eternal Blades, the third book in my PNR series. She wowed me beyond my expectations. Are we on the same wave length – you bet ya!

If you thought she created a wow cover for Eternal Blades, wait until you see what she came up for Eternal Tuat,(pronounced To’et)  the first historical in the PNR series. I told her, I wanted to see cover artist Jimmy Thomas in the clouds over looking a pyramid scene. I knew I needed to use Jimmy because the hero of this book is the identical twin of Gabriel, the hero from book one which Jimmy represented. I also wanted to see him as an Egyptian. Now I personally know Jimmy has been to Egypt and although I have seen him an abundance of costumes, I had never seen Jimmy portrayed as an Egyptian. I began to wonder if I was going to have to pay for a special shoot.  I searched and searched for a picture of Jimmy shirtless, looking straight ahead until I found one which would work. Sadly, the image was colorized blue. As my readers know, the entire series is done in purple. I purchased it anyway and sent it to Fiona, stating I like his look here but I’d really like it in full color against a purple background. Bless Fiona’s heart, she contacted Jimmy and managed to get the image we so desired. Fiona went to work, using her many creative talents and turned my naked chest Jimmy into a semi-dressed evil Egyptian man, complete with jewelry, head-dress and makeup. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Now judge for yourself.

Is he evil enough for you? Those that have read my series to date know that Bagsu is the essence of pure evil. He is the leader of Set’s Legions, those my guardians are at war against. They have no respect for the human race and would just as soon drain them dry. But what makes two identical twins grow up so differently? What caused Bagsu, the prodigal son who was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps as high priest of Sobek, disregard his training and future to follow the teachings of one so evil as Set? Find out for yourself this Spring when Eternal Tuat is released to the public in print, large print and e-formats.

If you are looking for that perfect cover artist, I strongly recommend getting in touch with Fiona Jayde of  http://fionajaydemedia.com/  I’m sure she would love to hear from you.

If you are searching for cover art you can purchase to create your own covers then try visiting Jimmy at http://romancecovers.com/   He literally has thousands of images including backgrounds.

If you haven’t started Sekhmet’s Guardians yet, why not give the series a try… You can find links to all my books including the series here. http://www.amazon.com/V.S.-Nelson/e/B00AXYLHF0/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1




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