Meet the ladies that live at the lake estate
The pictures below are my personal view on how I see them.

Watch how their stories unfold as they united together in a common
Lovely petite Jennifer with her
mahogany hair and emerald
green eyes captures both Gabriel
and Raphael's heart in Eternal
Lovers. Only problem is, Jennifer
is married.
Alice  changes her appearance  once
she is life-mated to Mick, the
Immortal's lead singer. Being
Jennifer's best friend, she remained
silent,  keeping her secret, until
Jennifer's life hangs in the balance.
Marie left her life in the Spanish Court, some three
hundred years ago, to become Keith's lifemate.
Until recently, they have remained in his homeland,
England. Marie, the eldest of the women, soon
discovers she is expecting their first child.

BK 1-3
Allison, a blood born immortal, studies the
fine art of Ballet. Alan Roberts saves the
beauty from a horrible fate in  Eternal Nights
only to place his own life in jeopardy.
Jasmine, professional belly dancer,
captures Ronan's heart only to
discover he is not a man, but a Selkie.
Kathleen, young lifemate of Bryan, the
Immortal's drummer, is kidnapped by Set's
Legions when Yankee Stadium is attacked.
left - Tshering Snow, the
exotic dancer Lance is so
fond of.

right - Jessica, Raphael's
imaginary lover who is not
so imaginary after all.
NOWAKI, Jennifer's companion wolf.