Ariel, or Beqenu (meaning armed soldier)
lived comfortably on the beaches of
California for more than fifty years until he
was summoned to the Guardian Estate.  
He is deadly in hand to hand combat. He
forms a new friendship with Robert
Hunter, one of the new recruits and his
roommate, Anthony deAngelo... Just
where that friendship leads them is yet to
be told.

Pictures are mere representations of how I see these seven heroes
On the day Sekhmet asked for volunteers,
seven brave men stepped forward. Little did
they know their mission would take so long.

5000 years later they are still here on Earth.
Bound by their duty they are known as the
Born Netchkhet (Guardian) he is known
Gabriel. Cold as steel, he has led the
Ancients in the war against their enemy, Set's
Legions, to this day.  The largest of the
Ancients, he stands six foot eight and weighs
just over two hundred eighty pounds of solid
muscle. His thigh length raven black hair is
usually bound in leather or braided. He finds his
true love in a tiny green eyed Selkie, named
Born Nebtehet (Eternal Being of Tuat) he is
Raphael today. Raphael is best
described as the “Good Old Boy." Relaxed
in most situations, he has a love for
animals and a good sense of humor. He
enjoys riding horses and collects fast cars,
boats and motorcycles.
Why doesn't anyone believe him, when he
tells them of the platinum haired angel who
saved his life?
The Guardian's physician Michael was
once known as Sunu (physician). In
recent years he attended Harvard and
John Hopkins Medical Schools. He is
skilled in both modern and ancient
medical techniques. Standing 6'5" and
weighing 275 lbs, Michael is a force to
be reckoned with. He is determined to
find a cure for Amber and her small child
in book four.   
Lance also known as Maba (Lance) is
Gabriel's younger brother by six years.
The other guardians often refer to him as
the "kid" or the geek. Running the computer
command center, he is their eyes and ears
in the field. Lance becomes obsessed with
the young dancer from the Himalayas
known as Tshering Snow.

Dark and mysterious, Thomas
owns several high class nightclubs
around the world that caters to the
Immortal Nation. Born, Netchmemut,
meaning the lover of the pleasures of
life, his name truly defines him. It
takes another immortal from another
world who is determined to destroy
the Earth to capture this attention.
Raziel the seventh of Sekhmet’s creations
is a walking contrast. A gruesome fighter
in appearance looks more like an Arabian
terrorist than the solitary scholar of the
sciences he is. He has an interest in
locating and cataloging other known
species that live hidden with the humans’
society. His ancient name Sesh means
Divine Scribe. Sadly, Raziel has a run in
with a couple of Banshees who have
plans of their own for this hero.