Jennifer, raised in the high Sierras by her
grandparents learned at an early age to hide her
unique abilities.
As an adult, she runs to her best friend Alice for
advice after she begins to notice a change in her
behavior and thoughts.
Circumstances beyond her control send her on a
journey of self-discovery.
When she meets her father for the first time she
discovers her true Selkie nature.
At last, she can be who she has always wanted to be
- all that she can be - all that she was meant to be.
NETCHKHET, now known as Gabriel and six others
were sent to Earth on a simple mission - find Set and
his Legions and destroy them.
Arriving in pre-dynastic Egypt they were transformed to
what they remain today - the Ancients.
Camouflaged as humans operating a world renowned
protection agency, their mission remains the same -  
destroy Set's Legions.
Gabriel, hardened over time secretly waits for death.
Meeting Jennifer has changed everything,
Now he must save her or lose everything.