5 Stars from

This book was fabulous!  The author has created a wonderfully new
spin on the vampire genre and I must admit it sucked me in like there
was no tomorrow.  I love fresh ideas and unusual plot spins and this
book is chalked full.  It literally has a little something for all types of
book lovers and will keep you entertained from start to finish.  This
was my first taste of this authors world but I am already hungry for
more!!  A sheer delight for all paranormal romance lovers and a
must read!
5 Stars from
Teen Blub

V.S. Nelson has truly created a unique storyline by combining
Native American and Egyptian Mythology; an unlikely duo! The
descriptions and the attention to detail will marvel the reader and
make them feel like they are sitting beside the characters, feeling
their happiness, sharing their sorrow, and meeting their destiny.

Eternal Lovers is about a love that crosses time and fights against
the unpredictability of fate. Jennifer has powers that she must keep
hidden. Even as a child, her grandparents raised her away from
civilization. When Jennifer goes to visit her best friend Alice and her
new husband, she meets Gabriel. A vampire haunted by his past
and tormented by his duty. A man of few words that seems to be
surrounded by shadows and sorrow, he is immediately drawn to

The chemistry between the two unlikely lovers is explosive. Jennifer
has to decide if she wants to be happy or be trap by obligation and
past promises.

Eternal Lovers will open the reader to a new kind of vampire love
story that will arouse, excite, humor, aggravate, and satisfy.
Gabriel and Jennifer must choose between what they want most in
the world and their responsibilities. Are they lifemates? Can they
reconcile the past? This book will not leave the reader wanting, but
it will definitely leave them swooning!

5.0 out of 5 stars Love Inspiring!!!,
By eroticamommy  
(Posted on Amazon)

Gabriel knows suffering, pain, and emptiness. Coming to Earth
some 5000 years ago and given immortality by the Godess
Sekhmet, Gabriel found love and then experienced loss. A loss like
no other that tore him apart and turned him into a shell of a man.
Meet Jennifer, a Native American, who grew up trying to hide her
abilities and differences. Not knowing her father, losing her
grandmother, and having an estranged relationship with her mother,
Jennifer settled into a marriage of convienence and like not love.
Gabriel and Jennifer's world collide while Jennifer is visiting her best
friend Alice. Alice and her lifemate Mick are under the protection of
Gabriel's company, Guardians Incorporated. During Jennifer's visit
she discovers that things aren't always what they seem and secrets
become revealed. Jennifer learns the history of the Immortal
Guardians as well as her own supernatural heritage.
Of course no adventure is complete without trials and tribulations.
The Guardians must battle enemies from centuries ago while
protecting what is precious to them. Jennifer must heal from her
past and discover who she really is and Gabriel must break down
the walls that have kept him closed off for so long. Together can
they mend each other and find true love?
While I enjoyed this book, I did find it very busy. There is a lot going
on during the entire story. It was not difficult to follow along with so
it didn't really take away from the reading experience. I loved the
background and past history that brought the characters to where
they all were. As a reader, you can't help but route for Gabriel to
succeed in his attempt to win over Jennifer. The tortured soul
deserves to find happiness. I will definitely continue with book 2.

**This book is for a mature audience only..18+...contains some
strong language and explicit sex scenes.**
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Although this isn't a formal professional review I had to share a message I received on face book
from a fan who is currently reading Eternal Lovers.

The more And more I read the more I love this book! I don't wanna compare but I
love the twilight books and now yours is giving me my vampire fix but with a
twist! I just love it!! I can't wait to read all of them and hope one day there also
movies, You are truly gifted.