Author Virginia S. Nelson writing as V.S. Nelson
Questions I am most often asked.

How long have you been writing?

I think most authors would answer your
question with, "since I was born."  The
truth of the matter is I have always loved
expressing my self in a creative way. My
mother always told me I had  a vivid
imagination. Writing is one way that I
can share with others what I see and feel.
I filled my years in high school taking an
abundance of creative writing classes
and I took every opportunity I could to

Where do you come up with your ideas?

Boy that's a good one.  Usually  my
stories develop while I'm a sleep. I am
one of the authors who dream my
stories, although many of my stories
stem from real life events.

In your paranormal series, Sehkmet's
Guardians, several of your main
characters are referred to as the Native
American version of the Selkie. Is this
something you made up?

No, although the Native term for them
differs from tribe to tribe many native
people have long shared their stories of
a water-human shape shifting character
similar to the European Selkie. This fact
and the Selkie history including their
migration to North America is explained
in Book One of the Series - Eternal

Where did you get your idea for your
commercial fiction, SINS OF A MAN?

Sins of a Man, although fiction is based
upon a real person. Names, dates and
some places have been changed or
enhanced for the protection of those
involved in the story.  
TIDBITS of information

DOB: November 2

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Hunks: Dwayne Johnson,
Sean Connery, Andrei Claude

Favorite Food: Mexican, Lobster
and       chocolate, cheesecake

Favorite Drink:   Vanilla coffee,

Favorite Movies: Sphinx

Favorite Song:  My Immortal    
by Evanescence

Favorite Authors:            J.R.Ward,
Suzanne Brockman,  Lara Adrian,
Alexandra Ivy, Kresley Cole,
Don Coldsmith, Gena Showalter
just to name a few.

Favorite Places:  Egypt, Tahiti,
Disneyland, Renaissance Faires

Favorite way to relax:
Sailing down the Nile on a falucca,

Favorite sport: Nascar racing.

Favorite cookie:
white chocolate Macadamian       
Being a Native American woman and a Scorpio, author V.S.
Nelson has always had a fondness for history, mythology, the
occult, and the unexplained events which have occurred on this
world we call home. It was no wonder she found herself writing
a paranormal series.
Raised on authors like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and coming
from a long line of oral storytellers, Ms. Nelson work has been
defined as innovative and fresh. She will take you by the hand
and lead you into the depths of her imagination as if you are
sitting next to her on the couch one minute and alive within her
fantasy world the next.
She has always enjoyed reading stories with strong
relationships and happy-ever-after-endings and it is reflected in
her work. Even her commercial fiction, Sins of a Man, the
Memoirs of a Mafia Hit man, is layered with romantic elements.
I’ve heard her say she is in love with love more than once and
that too is echoed in her stories.
Landing in Arizona, after an exciting teaching career, which
took her to the Middle East for several years, she lives in
Arizona where she spends most of her time making love to her
computer while writing, editing or researching, seven to ten
hours a day. The days she’s not writing, you will find her with
her critique partners, attending or presenting a workshop or at
a RWA (Romance Writers of America) meeting. She’s extremely
active in three RWA chapters in addition to her other
She enjoys hearing from readers, fans and people with similar
interests. They are more than welcome to contact her through
the contact page.