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Sekhmet's Guardians
is one of the top ten new PNR
series of 2013!

Just some of the things people and reviewers are saying about
this amazing block buster series...

BTS Magazine says Nelson turns a 500 page book into
something addicting, action packed, with twists and turns, it
keeps us on our toes, running side by side with her imitation
and skillful writing.

Kindle P Reviews - This a great love story with intriguing
concept of combining Native American and Egyptian
mythology. The story unfolds smoothly and teasingly with a
spoonful of drama, action and some sensual love making
scenes. You will be left wanting more after finishing it. I have
already bought the second book of the series and loving it as

Book Reviews at Large -  Bottom Line: Buy these 2 books,
they will give you days of reading (or sleepless nights) as they
are addicting and enthralling entertainment and I can't wait to
see more of this story evolve.

Satin Sheets Romance - This is one of those rare series that
has greatly exceeded my expectations. 5 Star series that
improves with each installment, highly recommended for PNR
and UF enthusiasts.

Eternal Tuat

available May 1, 2014
Eternal Life

, 2014